Top 5 Places to Eat in Delhi During Ramadan

Friday Jun 24, 2016 18:54 PM  Hits : 1596

Kallan Sweets:

Studded with framed newspaper cutting of visit from India’s biggest chefs, a kallan sweet overlooks one of the gates of Jama Masjid. Started by Mohd shaan in 1939, its door stays open from 7am until midnight, with a break at 2pm to prepare a fresh batch of sweets and snacks for the evening. One of their specialties is the bright orange and thick paneer ki jalebi, which uses a cottage cheese paste in lieu of much of the flour that goes into the more common jalebi.

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Haji Mohd. Hussain fried chicken:

Haji Mohd Journey was started 40 years ago.  It has been dishing out fried chicken in Delhi far longer than KFC. I call it Little JFC for Non veg Lovers - Jama Masjid Fried Chicken. During Ramadan, Haji Saab also sells Keema Goli, which are small balls made out of minced meat, and served with onion and chutney.



Aslam Chicken Corner:

This eatery is famed for its unique interpretation of the butter chicken, and has been walled city favourite for 18 years. The cooking technique includes a stint in the tandoor for the chicken before it is bathed in creamy gravy. The chicken is served in a steel container with a basket of Rumali Roti.



Cool point:

It’s Journey was started 25 years ago by Muhammad Zahid, the foodie place is currently managed by his son Zohaib. It is well known for its Shahi Tukda and Phirni, cool point is also known for its Kesar Milk, Badam Milk, Lassi mango and vanilla icecream.



Ameer sweet house:

Ameer sweet house decorated with pictures and frame articles about its founder has been selling sweet savory food for about 100 years. Managed by Haji Zafruddin,the shop sells special dishes like Keema and Khoya samosa during Ramadan from 4-7pm. You will find mouthwatering sweets like BalushahiBesan Ke LadduChamcham and Gulaab Jamun , as well as Chhole Bhature and Pakoras.


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